Literature in English

Literature in English

List of literature in English about Stockholms Enskilda Bank, associated companies, and the Wallenberg family, where records from the Foundation have been used.

The Bank and the Family

Gasslander, Olle History of Stockholms Enskilda Bank to 1914. Stockholm 1962.

Marcus Wallenberg:  [A Picture Biography.] Text Torgny Segerstedt, Sven Rydberg, Robert Skole. Photo KW Gullers, Peter Gullers, Björn Enström, Hans Hammarskiöld. ISBN 91-86440-02-0 (English edition). Stockholm 1982.

Olsson, Ulf At the centre of development: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and its predecessors 1856-1996. ISBN 91-85592-26-9. Stockholm 1997.

Olsson, Ulf Furthering a Fortune. Marcus Wallenberg. Swedish Banker and Industrialist 1899-1982. Translation by John Woolfenden and Björn Norrbom. ISBN 91-88595-94-3. Stockholm 2001.

Perlinge, Anders "The Foundation for Economic History Research within Banking and Enterprise and the records of Stockholms Enskilda Bank, 1856-1971" (translation by Björn Norrbom), in Financial History Review, vol. 11, p. 1 (2004), pp. 105-120.

Nilsson, Göran B. The Founder. André Oscar Wallenberg (1816-1886). Swedish Banker, Politician & Journalist. Translation by Michael F. Metcalf. ISBN 91-22-02102-7. Stockholm 2005.

Olsson, Ulf A Prince of Finance. K A Wallenberg 1853-1938. Swedish Banker, Statesman and Philanthropist. Translation by Pia Helena Ormerod. Edited by John Woolfenden. ISBN 978-91-7353-216-7. Stockholm 2007.

Lindgren, Håkan Jacob Wallenberg 1892-1980. Swedish Banker and International Negotiator. Translation by Lars G. Sandberg. ISBN 978-91-7353-317-1. Stockholm 2009.

Wachtmeister, Ebba A Man Ahead of his Time. Charles Emil Hagdahl. Banking & Enterprise No. 4. ISBN 978-91-978205-0-9. Stockholm 2009. Translation by Björn Norrbom.

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Biographies of the Financial World. Perlinge, Anders & Sjögren, Hans (eds). ISBN 978-91-7844-852-4. Möklinta 2012.

Wetterberg, Gunnar Wallenberg. The Family that Shaped Sweden´s Economy.  ISBN 978-91-7844-898-2. Möklinta 2014.

The Foundations

Dahlberg, Carina, Hedenqvist, Pehr & Sundström, Ingrid (reds), Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, 100 years in support of excellent Swedish research and education. ISBN 978-91-7126-411-4. Stockholm 2017. Translation by Ruth Urbom.

The Companies

Investor 1916-1991. Text and interviews Charlie Brantingson. ISBN 91-630-0617-0 (English edition). Stockholm 1991.

Fagerfjäll, Ronald Investor 100. ISBN 978-91-7126-294-3 (English edition). Stockholm 2016. Translation by Ruth Urbom.