Jacob Wallenberg Foundation

Jacob Wallenbergs Stiftelse, Särskilda fonden

Jacob Wallenberg Foundation

Jacob Wallenberg (1892-1980) established the Jacob Wallenberg Foundation in 1960.

Grants in 2018 amounted to SEK 12 million. Over the past ten years, the Foundation has granted a total of almost SEK 86 million for various projects conducted by Swedish non-profit organizations. The Foundation has distributed over SEK 132 million in grants since its establishment.

Focusing on the arts, culture and sports

The Foundation mainly supports associations and other non-profit organizations that have projects related to the arts, culture and sports.

Application and review process

Well-established associations and non-profit organizations may apply for grants.

Applications submitted to the Foundation will go through a review procedure.

The Foundation only accepts electronic applications submitted online.

For more information and application (In Swedish)

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote trade and industry, and to support activities that are charitable, artistic, athletic or beneficial to health, or conducted for comparable cultural or commonly beneficial purposes in Sweden.

More information about currently supported projects (In Swedish)