Tekn. dr Marcus Wallenbergs Stiftelse

Dr. Tech. Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for Education in International Industrial Entrepreneurship

Dr. Tech. Marcus Wallenberg (1899-1982) was very active in Swedish business and industry during his lifetime. He also strongly supported the globalization of industry. To honor Dr. Wallenberg, Swedish companies, organizations and private persons donated funds to establish the Foundation in 1982.

Grants in 2018 amounted to SEK 23.3 million. The Foundation has distributed SEK 548  million in grants since its establishment and 2 838 scholarships have been granted for education, mainly in Europe and the U.S., but also in Japan, China, New Zealand, Thailand and other countries.

Focusing on international industrial studies

The scholarship makes it possible for young students to study at well-reputed universities outside Sweden. It is open to all disciplines related to international industry.

Application and review process

Swedish citizens with an academic degree may apply for the scholarship.

Applications submitted to the Foundation will go through a review procedure.

The Foundation only accepts electronic applications submitted online.
For more information and application,  (In Swedish)

Purpose of the Foundation

The main purpose of the Foundation is to promote international industrial studies.

Examples of recent grants (In Swedish)